Company Policy


1Each of our devices uses possibly the latest available technology. We are immensely proud to inform that solutions ,which existed only in people’s imagination and were considered as unattainable, are now implemented in our products.


2Our solutions support decision making process of people who are responsible for rescuing others life. It makes our algorithms the critical part of our products. Thanks to them, devices show unique precision, therefore immediate reaction of our specialists on any minimal changes of patients state is possible

Beauty and Ergonomics

3One of the fundamental quality features of our products are final users opinions. We believe, that the more intuitive and elegant solutions are the faster patients recover. That is why, in our market research, we attach high importance to beauty and ergonomics.

24/7  Care

4Telemedicine breaks geographical limits. It makes remote diagnosis possible and also enables constant monitoring regardless of patient current location.  Our solutions, because of safe data processing systems and wireless technologies, make patient-doctor interaction more simple