This is device with integrated tele-medical system, which enables to assess any skin changes in simple and non-invasive manner. Early diagnosis of skin changes is critical in skin cancer prevention.

Skin-Scanner highlights particular skin part with uniform light-emitting diode and polarized light, that muffle the light reflection. Thanks to usage of polarized light, there is no necessity of using immersion liquid. User with a help of handy device can take photos of particular skin fragment. Dermatoscope is wireless device with WI-FI and GSM network connection, what means it is totally mobile device. Therefore the whole process is very automatic. After photo is accepted, is automatically sent to dermatologist, who then analyzes skin distortion and sends initial diagnosis to patient.

Message with distortions description is sent directly through tele-medical system, which can be accessed only by qualified specialists who assess skin fragment. Patients have opportunity to check results by sending SMS or through available online safe Patient Panel.

Charging of dematoscope is wireless with esthetic dock station.

This is intelligent device supporting automatic assessment of some inflammatory skin condition and encouraging patient to its better protection.

Device Features:

Telemedical system features:

  • ergonomic and handy, mobile
  • touch screen
  • pictures in polarized light
  • only one built–in button to take a photo
  • built in uniform standard lighting
  • high resolution photos
  • durable battery
  • GSM communication,
  • Wi-Fi communication,
  • high-qualified personnel examination verification of dermatologists qualifications
  • verification of experts assessments quality
  • possible double opinion verification,
  • web application (access from browser)
  • high data storage security
  • sms server allowing patient direct communication
  • online patient panel


Basic Model

Device purchase with set of photos to examine. Model consists of device purchase with a package of defined quantity of photos for examination.

Example: your facility acquires 3 Skin Scanner devices along with a package of 100 skin photos to take. When the photo limit runs out, the another package purchase is possible.

Advantages: cost control,  opportunity to buy the package of any number of photos.


White Label  Model (Production of customer dedicated devices line)

The model consist of production of devices line for particular client. Devices can be manufactured in any color and include special features e.g. individual identification of your company. Images examination can be done by your or our experts. Settlement for the examined pictures takes place at the end of each month.

Advantages: clear marketing message to your customers,  positive corporate image creation. Strengthening the customers trust. Possibility of advertising your products from device monitor


Revenue- Share model (Profit sharing)

The model consists of giving the device at yours facility disposal. The price of one photo examination is your own decision. At the end of each month we share the revenue with you.

Advantages: no initial costs, can generate additional revenue stream beyond the core business.


If you are interested in any of the preferred models of collaboration, and the desire to read the offer price – we encourage you to contact our representative.

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