Activity of our company is focused on areas like:

– Mobile devices which collect and analyze life parameters data of patients
– Tele-medical systems and devices
– Specialist hospital systems
– Mobile devices and systems for rescue team of any kind

We are producer of specialist medical devices and customized software for them
We connect medicine, biomedical engineering, electronics and new IT technologies. At the crossroads of all of these disciplines, the new devices are built. Devices which give doctors unique advantages in fight of patients health.
Our solutions make accurate diagnosis and therapy selection easier, therefore are invaluable support for doctors, who are burden with great responsibility – responsibility for people’s health and life.

We connect traditional methods of clinical medicine with the latest technologies of data collecting, processing and analyzing. Our solutions provide possibility for constant monitoring of patients health state and precise recording of considerable physiological changes. Moreover, they immediately signal worrying symptoms. Products we create are helpful either for qualified medical personnel and their assistants. Our solutions, based on the latest technologies, enable collection and analysis of data.

Moreover, their immediately send information to right place to right specialist whose opinion is essential. In this way, we change diagnosis process and push it on completely different level. We can obtain full information about patient’s state in any time of the day, no matter of his location, activity and other unexpected conditions.

Heart designs also devices, which support treatment of chronic disease and ailments. Knowledge about human organism functioning lets us create precise, effective and safe solutions.